Vibro Sand Coolers

Vibro Sand Cooler

Vibro Sand Coolers

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Sand Plant Equipments like Vibro Sand Coolers and our setup is situated in Shiroli MIDC, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

At Fab India, we understand how essential it is to get hold of the temperature of the return sand as the speed of molding plants increases during the preparation of foundry sand. Our sand cooler supports the lowering of the temperature for tightening the tolerance levels of moisture content besides enabling premixing for eradicating variations of return sand. The outcome is beneficial casts worth delivering great properties and optimum mulling.

The bed of sand acquires air that is uniformly spread through the drilled decks meant for liquefying. Besides extending thermal efficiency, it restricts plugging.

The System of Cooling Undergoes Three Distinguished Stages
Applications that are involved in core processing within the foundry industry combine well with the carrier sand cooling system. The sand gets cooled uniformly while undergoing a three-stage procedure. The three main phases include adding of water, mixing, and cooling of the fluid bed.


The thermal efficiency is maximized due to the process of evaporative sand cooling.
The hot spots get eliminated as the sand bed gets turned and mixed due to vibration caused by fluidization.
The moisture content and temperature of the sand thus cooled remains uniform due to the evaporation of sand moisture during cooling.
To stop weeping of sand and entrainment of fines, the air volumes are regulated and maintained at a preset level with the help of controls.
The exhaust velocities are maintained at a uniform level and the dusting gets minimized with the help of the latest hood design of the dryer.

Modes of Pre-Conditioning
A few things need to be carried out before the final mixing. The mixer group is aimed at enhancing efficiency and optimizing performance through the entire process. Before pre-mixing, the shakeout sand needs to go through a prolonged cooling process. Prior to the final mixing, enhancing the content of moist air and stabilizing it is necessary.

The conducting capacity of the sand that gets retained and the exhaustive air’s heat is measured by the sophisticated control system. It helps in identifying the amount of water that has to be added to it. It acquires the residual content of moist air and the element of cooling that is desired.

The sand that is retained fluidizes mechanically with the help of tool-sets that support counter-rotational blending. It helps in exposing the sand to water and cool air produced by an inlet blower.

The entrance of the exit door is adjusted by the control system depending on sensors that keep a track of the load of the motor. It helps the cooler in retaining a uniform sand volume under all circumstances.

Fab India ensures proper functioning of the equipment under various stages of processing. We have laid down specific safety and maintenance guidelines for the end-users to follow through thick and thin.