Vibro Knockout Machines

Vibro Knockout Machines

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Green Sand Equipments like Vibro Knockout Machines and our setup is situated in Shiroli MIDC, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

The Vibro Knockout is rightly designed for segregating, categorizing, and reclaiming sands that are united chemically by following the principle of grain to grain attrition.
Fab India’s Vibro Knockout makes The metallic particle can simply be discharged from the hind part of the Vibro Knockout machine via an opening. It combines well with the unit of mechanical attrition and shakeout machine. Besides ensuring a proper mechanical sand reclamation, it reclaims and shakes out simultaneously.

Find Out Why It Is Considered To Be an Economical and Safe Option:

Construction quality is very high and strong
No need to clean the casting by hammering
Assists in pulling out the metal supports that get entangled in lumps of sand.
It possesses lump eradicator
Installation is pretty simple
It segregates lumps that can be removed very easily
Ensures fast removal of separated metallic particles

The build quality of the knock-out machine is pretty rigid. It can sustain the odds of time and help the molding-box vibrate as per its previously determined setting. There is either a Vibrometer or a belt drive that triggers an electric motor causing vibration. Weights provided on both sides of the spindle help ion controlling the vibration. The grid acquires sand that is secluded out of the molding box and flown through the bottom of the plant conveyor. It enhances life and protects the mold box from breakage.
Fab India has come up with new and versatile range of equipments for the Foundry Industry. A host of equipment that we had launched at the beginning includes foundry ladles, sand mullers and mixers. We have even moved into manufacturing of Foundry Machines for processing the Green Sand as well as the Shell Sand. Our latest range of industrial equipment includes machines for molding shell, making cores, handling Meta and preparing resin sand. Depending on your Foundry needs.
It demands less engagement of human resource and saves much of labor. It even proves highly efficient in terms of cleaning. In some case It helps in breaking the risers and runners besides yielding the extra advantage of breaking all lumps. It even renders assistance in curbing the dropping-sand temperature and lets it homogenously mix with the sand that has cooled down.
It is that equipment that lets you save much of the knock-out time besides yielding 100% user satisfaction and productivity at economic rates. However, you are advised to read through the user manual and clarify your doubts before using it.