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Fab India follows a shot blasting methodology that helps in polishing, strengthening, and cleaning the surface and structure of a metal. It is applicable for a vast majority of industries where the utilities of metal are felt at large. Such industries may include foundry, construction, building ships, and aerospace. Air-blasting and Wheel-blasting are the two distinguishable techniques used in the industry.

Blasting proves to be an integral part of the steel structure and metal development industry. The metal and steel products can be maintained and protected by the benefits of our advanced blasting techniques. The metal industry relies on such technique at large. Checking out the advantages of our technique is more important before you consider the blasting machine functionalities.

Propelling shot material of abrasive nature in a firmly held stream is a vital part of the latest blasting technique. Such a movement happens in the direction of a surface composed of steel or metal since it demands shot-blasting. The central position of the machines bears the blast wheel, which channelizes the shot medium or the metal abrasives towards the heart as the wheel starts rotating.

Acceleration of the abrasives occurs from this point and they move towards the surface that needs desired finishing. The dust accumulation system is a part of the segregation system, which accommodates the media and the contaminants once the process comes to an end. Be it the dust, contaminants, or the media, all of it gets accumulated within the dust collector.

Returning the ingredients within the Sand Storage Hoppers helps in recycling of the residual media. In the future, you may use the particles that reside within the Shot collecting hopper

The Key Benefits of the Shot blast machine

Well Designed And Best Built
Easy for Operating and Maintenance
You May Expect A Much Longer Life And Easier Maintenance.

The equipment siver meets the specifications set by our clients and are of premium quality. The sturdiness and durability of the material get confirmed by industry experts only after thorough checking based on various parameters.
Fab India is committed towards fulfilling the processing and crushing requirements of the foundry industry. We have successfully developed the Sand Siever to meet the industry expectations in all respects.