Polygonal Sand Sievers

Polygonal Siever

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Sand Plant Equipments like Polygonal Sievers, Polygonal Sand Sievers, Polygonal Siever Machines and our setup is situated in Shiroli MIDC, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Fab India Polygonal Sievers for improving casting quality by triggering the process of sieving for molding sand. The entire set of polygonal siever comprises of the receiver and chutes for disposing, primary casting, sieve drum, its drive segment and a specific portion for delivery. MS channels as well as Flats constitute the sieve drum in its fabricated form. The sieve drum appears in the shape of a Hexagonal Pyramid.

The chute used for collecting gets developed in manner that doesn’t allow its walls to let the sand settle over it. The sieving area will find it easier to receive the sand. Sieving your sand is easily possible due to the rotary motion and the return sand is easily recovered after lump-breaking operation.

An appropriate gear of the machine as well as its motor constitutes a unit of drive. The transmission of power takes place by uniting the Gear Box with that of your Motor. The Gear Box yields a unique appearance for delivering its output; it ensures a smooth transmission as it combines with a shaft.

The Key Benefits of the Polygonal Siver
The material placed inside gets tossed flexibly, which is of great advantage besides segregating the lumps. Possessing a circular cross-section makes it different from that of the other sievers.
You may expect a much longer life and easier maintenance for it than other sievers due to its wire mess frame composed of steel, which is easily removable.

The polygonal siver meets the specifications set by our clients and are of premium quality. The sturdiness and durability of the material get confirmed by industry experts only after thorough checking based on various parameters.

Fab India is committed towards fulfilling the processing and crushing requirements of the foundry industry. We have successfully developed the Sand Siever to meet the industry expectations in all respects. Our products are sold across India our sivers in capacities of 5 – 10 tons medium-scale processing and 10-30 ton for large scale processing.

Alongside the Polygonal siever, we at Fab India have come up with the Vibro Sand Siever. Among the Rotary sievers we have the drum type option alongside the traditional option. We have proven our worth as a successful equipment manufacturer.