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Fab India is a Fast Growing Company in the foundry industry ever since our inception. Being one of the leading manufacturer of foundry equipment, we have come up with full range of Intensive Mixers, Polygonal Siever, Sand Cooler, Bucket Elevators, Belt Conveyors, Cupola, Pouring Geared Ladles, Grinders and Shot Blast Machine.
We are committed with worth global standards. Our products come with a highly durable structure and body. It makes our intensive mixer an ideal option for heavy-duty mixing. Besides, the sand mixers come with a varying range of capacity ranging between 250 kg and 1000 kg.
Our Intensive Mixer boasts sturdy structure, standard drive motors and well-designed scrappers. For ensuring safety measures, this homogenous mixing equipment comes with interlock switches. Besides assuring a cost-effective operation, the mixer ensures high precision and reliability. The robustness of its design yields high durability, while it's precision guidance yields accuracy and its high-quality components ensure substantial security. These entire factors combine to make our model a perfect fit for our customers.

Advanced Features of the Intensive Mixer:

Excellent Performance:The processing quality and speed of the equipment has set a new benchmark for the entire industry. The unit supports full automation for all of its operations.
Maintenance Cost: The equipment demands very low maintenance budge owing to its robust components.
Economic Operation:Short cycles of mixing and high rate of putting through the entry point turn its operational ability more economical and efficient.
Blending and Mixing Capacity:Throughout the loading of material, the equipment ensures a high capacity mixing performance of blenders and ploughs.
Easy accessibility: The operator can has easy accessibility to all parts for fast replacement.

An organization of good repute, FabIndia has successfully catered to the unique industrial processing needs by delivering an extensive range of the Intensive Mixer. The use of raw materials of the highest grade has seen us survive the stiffest of challenges posed by our competitors.

Our Team
Our team comprises of industry professionals bearing all necessary vision and expertise. They can sync well with other members of our workforce with substantial ease and comfort. Matching the specific needs of our clients gets easy as we strive to maintain high-quality materials and after-sales support for long.

Some of the most innovative minds hold the key positions of our research and development team. We have been able to deliver a support and counseling services to our clientele owing to our decade-long expertise and knowledge. We have achieved tremendous insight on the industry