Belt Conveyors for Sand Plant

Belt Conveyors

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Fab India has opened up to a world of equipment meant for the foundry industry. The Belt conveyor is amongst the few unique and efficient systems of all. They constitute a seemingly continuous loop belt that runs on a couple of pulleys. The product proceeds along the belt between two locations

Varying Capacity:
Belt conveyors bear a standard trough and even constitute a belting feature that runs on idlers that are backed by heavy-duty troughs. Placed on top of a structured frame composed of steel, the idlers come in varying angles between 20 and 45.

Troughed Walls
Handling material worth a huge bulk gets easier due to high capacity performance conveyed by the troughed belt conveyors. A smooth stream of material is maintained by the unique design of the trough. It protects the material from external influences and prevents spilling. The operation of all equipment in the vicinity of the material doesn’t affect the material.
Load Points Ensuring Dust Control
All specific applications suggested by the client demand extra control from the exhaust ports and integrated skirt-boards. The placements of these features look appropriate at the far end of the conveyor. Besides retaining the dust, the belt can drive the material at the center owing to its favorable design.
To ensure longevity, belt conveyors are developed by Fab India as an efficient solution that is highly engineered and tailored to meet all industry requirements.